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Bad Weather Doesn’t Mean Bad Wedding Photographs

Bad Weather Doesn't Mean Bad Wedding Photographs

Your wedding is meant to be one of the most special days of your life. If not the most special. The photos taken that day are there to capture those amazing feelings and memories so that you can look back and think what a beautiful day.

It is understandable that the weather on their wedding day may make some weds-to-be a bit nervous. Especially in a country like Britain, where we see all of the extremes in weather to some extent.

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 I would say these pictures do a good job of putting across just how annoying the weather can really be; it can be a burden to us all at times. You might think you would be extremely unlucky to have to face having your wedding photos being taken on a day like any of the ones above; yes, it could get a little chilly, you might get a little wet, you may even risk being picked up and flown away by a hurricane, but look how stunning some of the photos these clever photographers and brave newly weds have produced. They get a little more adventurous as you keep scrolling…

Mist and fog

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This was taken in a drought!

Image by Cassandra Sutton Photographer


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This adventurous couple didn’t even let a flood stop them, amazing!


This couple was featured on an american news channel for having a tornado in their wedding pictures!




I think the weather in these photos make them seem even more powerful and moving to look at. These couples have endured these crazy conditions to capture their love on a day they will never get back. My message to you here is to take the weather on your big day into your own hands and do whatever you want with it. Remember, you won’t ever be able to capture those memories again, so make the most of what you have got to work with! Thanks for reading guys 🙂


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