Additional copies & backup footage

File storage and additional copies

QHow much do you charge for additional DVD, Blu-ray and USB copies of our wedding videos?

Duplicate copies of your videos make a great ‘thank you’ present for your guests. We can supply additional copies at any time within 3 months of your wedding date. Please note that each batch involves a setup charge – it takes us much less time to produce additional copies therefore it is a lot cheaper to order five copies all at once, than to order them one at a time.

Please note that the quality of DVDs that are compatible with all DVD players is less than HD quality. If you would like us to simply burn your files in HD quality to a DVD, please let us know. This type of DVD is only usable on computers and more advanced DVD players. All Blu-ray and USB copies are automatically provided in HD quality.

Some Combo and Ultimate weddings are too large to fit onto one DVD. If this applies to your wedding video then the ‘DVD (2 disc)’ prices apply. All weddings will fit onto one Blu-ray or one USB stick.


    • £20
    • £30
    • £50
    • £20


    • £5 each
    • £10 each
    • £20 each
    • £10 each


    • £3 each
    • £5 each
    • £7.50 each
    • £8 each


    • £2.50 each
    • £3.50 each
    • £5 each
    • £7 each

So, for example, 10 Blu-ray copies (in addition to any included in your package) would cost £50 setup, plus 10*£7.50. The total equals £50 setup plus £75 for the discs, or £125. This includes delivery within the UK.

To order, please email us at confirming how many of each format you would like. We will confirm the price and then send you a link to an online payment page, or you can pay via bank transfer. Delivery will take approximately 10 days.

QHow long do you keep our wedding footage?

Since most weddings involve hundreds of files and more than 100 Gigabytes of footage, it is difficult for us to keep the footage forever. We guarantee to keep your footage for 3 months after the wedding shoot – so if you’d like more copies of the finished videos, or to obtain a copy of the original footage, it’s best to do so within this time period. After three months, while we cannot guarantee to have everything, there’s still a good chance we can help.

QCan we get copies of the wedding footage you shoot?

Please note that due to the huge file sizes of HD-quality wedding shoots we cannot guarantee that we will retain your footage for longer than three months after the wedding date. If you would like a copy of the original audio and video files, we offer a transfer service or you can buy a hard drive from us pre-loaded with all of your footage.

Buy A Pre-Loaded Hard Drive

This is easy – just send us payment of £175 and confirm the address we should send your footage to. The price includes a USB hard drive, transfer of all of your footage plus delivery within the UK (contact us for overseas delivery).

To send payments, please see our Payment Information page. Please note that by default we format all hard drives in the latest ‘ExFAT’ format – this is the best way for all types of computers to read large video files over 2Gb, however it’s not always compatible with older computers and operating systems. Please check and let us know if you’d prefer an older format specific to either Mac or PC.

Send Us Your Own Hard Drive

1. Please confirm the total file size of your footage with us via email at
2. Send us a blank hard drive that is at least as big as the total file size of your footage. The drive should be posted in suitable protective packaging and clearly marked as delicate, and sent with proof of posting / recorded delivery, along with payment of £125 to the following address. Cheques/Postal Orders should be made payable to Music Wedding Videos, or see our payment page for more payment options.

Music Wedding Videos
105 The Greenhouse
The Custard Factory
Gibb Street
B9 4AA

3. Please note that due to the delicate nature of most hard drives, we cannot be held responsible for the loss of any footage present on the hard drive – please back up all files from the hard drive and format the drive before sending to us.
4. Upon receipt we will format the drive and copy all files to it, before returning it to you in the original packaging via recorded delivery. If there are any problems with your drive or footage, please notify us within 5 working days. All files will be unedited, and in their original file format – therefore you may need specialist software to play them.