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The Price of love for Leandro

The Price of love for Leandro

Jordan aka Katie Price takes full opportunity to show off her new engagement ring whilst on holiday with new hubby to be, Leandro Penna.

Never one to be a shrinking Violet, Katie’s holiday snaps were ‘leaked’ to the National Press this week showing the happy couple smiling and posing in front of the camera. Her gaudy bright-red ring is showing in every single shot.


Has the 'unlucky in love' model finally found love?


Katie and Leandro met at Elton Johns Oscar bash last season and have become inseparable albeit the age gap and Leandro’s lack of english.

In April, she took to Twitter declaring ‘I am in love with Leandro’.

Is it going to be third time lucky after her previous two divorces from Peter Andre and Alex Reid?


If you liked it then you should have put a ring on it


Let us know your thoughts?

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Celebrity Weddings / Russell Brand and Katy Perry’s Divorce

True love?

Russell Brand divorces Katy Perry because ‘he missed single life’

Not so much 7 year itch, more of a 7 week itch.. I bet Russell Brand’s had longer itches he’s had STD doctors prescribe antibiotics for..

I hear Katy perry wrote ‘firework’ about Russell. Ironically fireworks hang around longer!

And then there’s Alex Reid (better known as Jordan’s transvestite ex) marrying Chantelle Houghton (better known as, er, pass).

These two married after ‘an instant connection’ AKA a phone call between their agents. Cynical? What me? Yeah.

Then there’s the flip side; Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas.. He’s not just twice her age, he’s twice her age in dog years; she’ll have to cut his foot off and count the rings to calculate his true age.

But against all of the odds those two are one of the strongest couples in Hollywood and I applaud that.


Or happily married?

So I suppose what I’m trying to say is around all the cynicism, PR spin and opportunist sham marriages I believe not all celeb marriages are a ploy.
Love can exist and remain strong even between two ‘celebrity’ A listers ‘Til death do they part’.

Unless Angelina Jolie pouts her erotic lips in the husband’s direction. Then they’re doomed.

Except Michael Douglas. His vision’s not what it was..

Chris MWV

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