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Will I be a groomzilla?

Will I be a groomzilla?

groomzillaGood evening,

So…I am starting to take blogging seriously and I will be writing a series of blogs over the next 15 months to record my thoughts on this rollercoaster they call ‘The Wedding Countdown’ whilst also trying to ‘namedrop’ a few good suppliers that we will be hoping to book along the way (Claire instantly told me to mention you Rachel Simpson 🙂

*I’ll set the scene – We were on a beach in Lanzarote in October with family, and I ‘romantically’  manipulated a magic show in which my two lads were allegedly the ring leaders 😉

The show culminated in me magically pulling out a ring (thanks to the master training from expert magician, Christian Fletcher) and getting on one knee.

(*Video to be put up on my next blog)

Then…..I ‘popped the big question’, I’m ‘taking the plunge’, I’m…..instantly nervy…She hesitated until realising it wasn’t a joke, burst in to tears..

I smiled (hoping I hadn’t misread the last 6 years and jointly produced a daughter) and she said ‘YES’.

A little history..It is about time I asked my long term girlfriend, Claire, to marry me as it has been 6 years this year and I feel as if I have tested the water thoroughly enough to realise that she CAN live with me, and I can’t live without her.

Plus, I have been in the wedding industry for 3 years this year and there’s only so many times I can get away with ‘I’m making connections’ or ‘I am networking so we can get discounts’.

So, here I was, an engaged man. And all of a sudden it’s talk of guests on the day, guests on the night, venue, cakes, ferrero rocher and vol-au-vents. I’m only going to do it once so I want what we want. I’ve started following wedding pages and Pinterest not just for work.

Will I turn in to a Groomzilla? Will I start demanding rose petals and fresh pineapples in my rider? I have no idea either so watch this space.

Next installment next week..Please feel free to comment or hammer me for any mistakes (more grammar than life) on the way 🙂




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Adrenalin pumping wedding proposal

Let’s say this guy ‘jumped to the conclusion’ that his long term girlfriend would say yes!

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This is one awesome proposal – Lets do this in the UK

At Music Wedding Videos, we are always looking for fun and quirky ways of filming weddings and proposals.


We are bespoke and would love to push the boundaries with what we can achieve. It seems that people in the USA are streets ahead of us with their innovative ways.


Here is another top example of a wedding proposal.



How romantic. If you would like to do something along these lines or wackier, please get in touch and we WILL make it happen.


Kev, MWV

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