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Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, the couple of Smokin Aces tie the knot

One girl, one guy and a secret place.

It was the turn of Celeb A listers Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively to tie the knot at the weekend.

They married in a secret location Buried deep in Boone Hall Plantation, Mt.Pleasant, SC.

Friends and family were said to be surprised about the wedding of the Green Lantern stars, as, Gossip Girl star, Blake has only been split from Leonardo Di Caprio for little over a year.

News of the top secret ceremony was first tipped by local radio station 95.1 FM, which tweeted, “Hold up, there’s another story that it’s Ryan Reynolds and he married Blake Lively at the Cotton Docks today!”

This is the second trip down the aisle for Reynolds, who married Scarlett Johansson in 2008 and the couple divorced  two years later, citing irreconcilable differences.

Lets hope that Ryan’s reply to the vows were more than Definitely, Maybe.

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Are you a Kate Middleton or a Kim Kardashian bride?

Are you a Kate Middleton or a Kim Kardashian bride?

Kev here… I’m a first-time blogger on our website so be gentle….

Have Hello! magazine been on the phone about your wedding?

After doing a few wedding fayres already this year at St Johns Hotel in Solihull (which is featured in an upcoming Superscrimpers programme on Channel 4), and yesterday at The Belfry, I started to ponder upon the question: When is the ideal time to start planning for your big day? Or to get closer to the point, is it more expensive to plan two years in advance?

Many of the people I spoke to yesterday were already hunting around for ideas for their wedding in 2014.  Is this not a case of being ‘too organised’ or is it sensible?

My initial thinking was, that they were highly organised (something I am not when it comes to my personal life), and that they were merely ahead of the game. This in turn provoked me to think, ‘surely they will spend more money than those who are getting married in a couple of months’?

(This isn’t a dig at anyone as I don’t want this to end due to the business we are in, don’t get me wrong. But on the same strength, another bride and groom that I spoke to were getting married in May and had nothing booked.)

Obviously the venue, suits,wedding dresses, cake etc  are a given; but with the ‘luxury’ things around at the moment such as: photo booths, videographers (including us), fireworks, magicians, string quartets (the list goes on), it is hard to say no to a lot of them.

Is it a case of ‘whats another £1,000 when we’re spending x amount of money already’?

Not all bride and grooms are as lucky* as Kim Kardashian, Myleene Klass or  even Prince William and Kate Middleton who planned quite extensively (and for whom money is no object), but where does the spending end?

*Unless we all do what Kim Kardashian did and actually (reportedly) make a profit from the wedding http://bleacherreport.com/articles/918999-how-much-did-kim-kardashians-wedding-cost-their-divorce-by-the-numbers/page/4

This is the other extreme and even I (being a disorganised typical guy) had palpitations at the thought and told them to come back to us after visiting the other stands!

These are two very different cases, but out of the two, who will spend less and probably have the same amount of entertainment and more importantly ‘their’ day?

We were reluctant to get involved with Superscrimpers when they were at the fayre because of the nature of the program, but will this have any effect on the views of brides and grooms, or just be another thing on the list to worry about before the big day?

I think that there needs to be a fine balance between early and too early (and massively late). Obviously with the high demand for quality venues, that needs to be first on the list as you might be disappointed if you leave that too late. The rest can wait for a little while or you might end up gaining a life partner and losing your house 🙂

I can honestly say that the wedding industry is providing a great service to the UK and has been for a number of years. Long may it continue and think about this when you’re booking our services for your big day 😉



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