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Banter from the best man during his speech delivered majestically!

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Emma and Stuart ‘ Jump Around’ Music Wedding Video

Here is their Music Wedding Video:

Or the mobile version

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You know when you know you shouldn’t laugh but trying to stop yourself makes you worse-That..

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I now pronounce you man (Utd) and wife

This Manchester united groom married in to his wife’s Manchester City family.  His speech had them all on their feet.

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Keep rollin, rollin, rollin, rollin with Becki and Gaz’s Music Wedding Video

Keep rollin, rollin, rollin, rollin with Becki and Gaz's Music Wedding Video

Slipknot, Metallica, Bon Jovi, Chesney Hawkes, eat your heart out at Becki and Gaz Saunders’ awesome performance on their wedding day!

Here is the exclusive first rock Music Wedding Video filmed at Fazeley Studios, Birmingham on 24th August 2013.

You know what time it is!

and the Vimeo version for mobile users

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Exclusive! Jessi and Loran’s USA Music Wedding Video ‘Time Warp’

Exclusive! Jessi and Loran's USA Music Wedding Video 'Time Warp'

We are honoured to be a part of any wedding full stop but when the email came through from across the pond to shoot Jessi and Loran’s special Wiccan wedding in Baltimore, Maryland, we jumped at the opportunity.

Slightly nervous and apprehensive of what to expect from a Wiccan wedding, we googled it to find out it was nothing like ‘The Wicker Man’ and we weren’t going to become human sacrifices 😀

We were genuinely welcomed with open arms and instantly have made friends for life. It was so much fun and hopefully we have captured that on the video.

Here is their exclusive INTERNATIONAL Music Wedding Video!

or the Vimeo link

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What a pair of Muppets!

What a novel and special way to remember your big day! Love this! Well done guys!

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National Wedding Show NEC discount tickets

If you haven’t already got your tickets for the show then here is a handy little something for you. Disclaimer: You must come over and eat sweets with us if you attend.


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This bride certainly makes an entrance – Cringin ‘ell!

This bride certainly makes an entrance - Cringin 'ell!

I am speechless at this entrance..Please comment with your thoughts and I will try and muster up some kind of logic 🙂

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Groom takes one on the Chin-ook during his wedding photos

Some photographers won’t be happy until they have that extreme close up. Looked painful.


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