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Not Your Average Maid of Honour Speech

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She knows how to wrap up a speech!

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Bryony’s Blog: My Insight on Weddings

holding-hands-sunsetHello everyone! I’m Bryony Williams. I am a new recruit to the MWV team and so I thought I’d compose my first blog post about my own, personal opinions and views on weddings, along with other dwindling ideas I may have while writing this.

So, first thing’s first, I think weddings are great! In fact, more than great! They symbolise two individuals undying love for each other, (plus, it’s a fantastic excuse to be center of attention and to have a romantic honeymoon away.) But lets have less of that from me, lets talk about every girls dream wedding. I’m talking about the one you created in your mind as a kid (hopefully you can relate/remember yours, because even I can’t fully-picture what I had somewhat imagined when I was younger.) But more importantly, I hope your childhood wedding dreams became reality because every woman and man deserve their big day to go as perfectly as they’d imagined.
Although, I don’t suppose you considered a music wedding video to be incorporated into your big day, did you? (Well, for those who have done so.) But hey, we change, all of us. We grow, we learn, we experience… But with that one special person who stands by your side as you do and vice versa. That is what makes them so special.

Currently, I can’t say I have that. I am 18 after all… So I have plenty of years ahead of me to get to this stage of my life. Most people can’t wait to meet the love of their life and to experience everything together, to share all those moments that we’ll never forget (or at least have our partners to remind us on special occasions/anniversaries.) However, I think I can. Yeah sure, I’d love to have someone close to my heart that IS my heart (too much?…) but it’s got to be with the right person and I’m quite content with waiting for the day I possibly bump into them at a bus stop or some other cliche scenario like that.

Though, me being me, (an organised ‘my way or no way at all’ kinda girl), then I can’t wait for the planning of a wedding. I’m still unsure if I, myself will get married. I suppose I’ll only know once I’m half way down the aisle! But what I love about weddings is the: decorations, the colour schemes, flower arrangements and the joyful atmosphere. Oh and to quickly slot in; photo-bombing (Google it if you have to, but even as a bride, I wouldn’t be able to resist a good old game of photo-bombing.
Oh! And another thing! The cake! How was that not the first on my list? Okay, so maybe I can’t actually note anything I dislike at weddings… Except, perhaps the one who takes full advantage of the free bar and ends up in a state that primarily embarrasses themselves (which is usually me… It’s a vicious cycle.)

However, the main issue I began to be educated on as I grew up was that same-sex marriage was illegal. Yes, ILLEGAL! And now as you might have guessed, that affects me. Although, to turn the gloomy tone around, it is now LEGAL! It is just bizarre to even think how one’s judgement/opinion gets to overrule another’s… Especially when it comes to love.
When it comes to love, you should feel giddy, happy, over the moon! Nothing else that captures even a hint of negativity. Anyway, this little blog is turning into some sort of political debate with myself so I shall move on from the subject.
But I guess what I am trying to portray is simply love.


It’s in each and every single one of us and no matter how macho you may be, or how hurt you could be through previous experiences, (quote: “And if you’re in love, then you are the lucky one, ’cause most of us are bitter over someone.” – Daughter (the band).
I genuinely believe that there is the perfect someone out there for everyone. It could be on your doorstep or half way across the globe, but who cares? It’s out there! Either wait for it to come to you (patience is a virtue), or go out there and get it! And if you have the chance to do that, then I am definitely giving you the go-ahead. Forget the “what if’s” and the “but’s”, because every obstacle is worth tackling if it means being with the one you love.
It might not be a fairy-tale ending, but you can sure make it your own fairy-tale wedding and your own story that is yours, no one else’s.

(Oh! And in case you were wondering, my childhood dream wedding was on a beach abroad, preferably Miami.)

Thank you for reading, I hope you don’t regret doing so.
All the best,

Bryony Williams.

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Exclusive! Jessi and Loran’s USA Music Wedding Video ‘Time Warp’

Exclusive! Jessi and Loran's USA Music Wedding Video 'Time Warp'

We are honoured to be a part of any wedding full stop but when the email came through from across the pond to shoot Jessi and Loran’s special Wiccan wedding in Baltimore, Maryland, we jumped at the opportunity.

Slightly nervous and apprehensive of what to expect from a Wiccan wedding, we googled it to find out it was nothing like ‘The Wicker Man’ and we weren’t going to become human sacrifices 😀

We were genuinely welcomed with open arms and instantly have made friends for life. It was so much fun and hopefully we have captured that on the video.

Here is their exclusive INTERNATIONAL Music Wedding Video!

or the Vimeo link

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It only felt like yesterday since I felt like I was having an affair with Ricky, sneaking around behind Natalie’s back 🙂

Here are the videos once again from the old romantic. Who said chivalry was dead. Congratulations both!


And with reactions…

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Blurred Lines Music Video

Blurred Lines Music Video

Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 10.56.40

We was invited to film a Music Party video for Sarah, Sian and Clair’s 30th at the Newbold on Avon rugby club in Rugby.

They learnt the song beforehand and we storyboarded the video loosely to look like Robin Thickes original ‘Blurred Lines’ video.

We tried to get everyone present on the video (even the streaker) even taking over the car park for an hour with car headlights blasting to light them up.

Here is how it turned out 🙂

*Warning – Some bad language and slight nudity


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