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Disney’s interactive firework display.. On a wedding cake

So over the weekend at the Disney Fairytale Weddings Expo, Disney decided to take cake decoration to a whole new level. A very special cake that has taken a shine to the eyes of many was debuted at the show; a cake with an interactive, augmented display. A video of one of these weird and wonderful cakes was posted on Facebook by Michelle George Vazul, who described the new cake mapping as “awesome”. The cake first appears pretty simple. With not much decoration, just platforms of white icing and a Disney Castle standing at the top. Then the ‘magic’ happens… Check it out.

The edible firework display has caught the eyes of many. The video already has nearly 10 million views.

The idea of projection mapping is not a brand new one, with tons of products having an interactive, augmented display. However in terms of food, Disney have claimed this one for themselves.

So, let’s imagine being able to literally ‘play with your food’. Augmented displays allow someone to alter displays by touching them. So, for example, if there was a display of a pond full of fish, if you touched the display, the fish would swim in different directions and the water would ripple at your fingertip. Sounds cool, but it could be argued, do we really want or need to be playing with our food?

Let me know what you think guys! Thanks for reading 🙂

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