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With nearly two years under our belt in one of the best industries on the planet, it got me thinking about all of the awesome services and people that we have worked with on all of our fabulous weddings.

This industry is so different to other industries that I have had the (mis)fortune to work in. From cut throat sales to 24 hour on call recruitment, people trying to undercut with the ruthlessness of Alan Sugar. This one is different, everyone pulls together, everyone is….nice!

I have listed a number of companies that I feel have inspired/helped or just generally been cool along our journey and I hope you have the pleasure of working with them in the future.
I have bound to have missed people out so please don’t shout 🙂

Secret Singers



We had the pleasure of seeing these guys at the Wedding Ideas Magazine Awards last year and they blew our socks off. I have seen quite a few around who aren’t quite secret and lack in the singing department too. They are that awesome that Caroline and Rakesh have booked us for their glamorous wedding next year!



Shoot It Yourself



You may think it is strange that I have added these girls to the list, as they are competitors in our field. The thing is, I don’t care. They are fun, driven and motivated in the industry and their product is a great edge to couples that do not particularly want a videographer involved on the day. If you don’t book us then definitely book them 🙂



Elegant Steps




I also met Jayne at the Wedding Ideas Magazine Awards last year and lets say, it took her a while to take to me. That said, she eventually came round 🙂 Let’s say, I’m no expert on women’s shoes (in public) but she appears to me, as one of the hardest working people in the industry. We are inspired by her work ethic. Elegant Steps are a shining example of how successful you can be with hard work.


Hellofoto Booths



Another typical example of hard work shining through. I’ve only met these guys a couple of times at local shows but they always have some banter and genuinely enjoy what they do. It is easy to lose sight of why you began in the industry and why we do what we do. Keep smiling boys 🙂


Prestige Photography






Prestige must be one of the busiest photographers in the country and it shows why, through their images and personnel. We have had the pleasure of working with the lads on numerous occasions, and to be honest, it makes our job a hell of a lot easier when working with people we get on with.  We have had the odd occasion when the photographer has battled against us instead of with us, but although photo bombing all of his shots is fun, it is better to work in unison for that perfect partnership.


AW Sounds



A good friend of mine who is trying to juggle his DJing, a full time job and a young family. Has made the night for many couples around the country as well as some of my private functions. His quality uplighting and bespoke tuneage make any night memorable.



Giddy Kipper



giddy kipper logo

Multi award winning duo Heidi and Steve not only work hard to produce quality products, but are down to earth and a really great laugh. Another shining example of juggling family and work life with a smile. I love how they are so humble with what they have achieved and would always give us advice as and when needed. Ta muchly 🙂


Wedding Ideas Magazine



I have mentioned how we have met a number of people through the world famous Wedding Ideas Awards, so it would be a misjustice not to mention Rachel and the herd at Giraffe HQ. Another hard working company that are reaping the rewards of graft and determination. I know they don’t need me to talk them up but we want to say a big thank you for helping us get a foothold in the industry with your continued support. Oh, and by far the best mag in the industry. Standard!


Plans and Presents



Alison is a good, kind hearted woman with a great soul. Her planning and blogs are second to none and she has helped get out our news constantly when we were getting used to twitter (did you know, she liked a tweet 🙂 Thanks for your support and help over the past couple of years.


We are also rebranding for the South to spread our wings slightly, so keep an eye out for www.weddingmarryokes.com and follow us at https://twitter.com/WeddingMarryOK


Thanks for listening, it’s been emotional 🙂





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