Just one kiss alone will make me heart go boom!

As you know, we are getting married on Saturday 30th March (Woooooop) and we can’t wait to see you there!!

What you probably don’t know is, we have invited the team from Music Wedding Videos to film everyone enjoying the day, singing, dancing and generally having a great time to ‘Mysterious Girl’ by Peter Andre.

Here is the song we’ve chosen for you to get familiar with …

How this works is, the guys will be equipped with printed lyrics and speakers on the day; they’ll be looking for volunteers to sing along to a couple of lines from the track on camera. They’ll then turn the footage into a music video of the wedding day. Don’t worry too much about learning all the words as we mentioned they’ll have some printed on the day and after playing a short section of the song a couple of times you’ll soon pick it up.

You’ll have a few go’s at getting it right, and they’re pretty good at editing to make you look awesome. Your singing voice doesn’t matter either because they’re not going to use the audio – the real song will be played over the video footage of you singing along.

The lyrics are included at the bottom of the page

How up for it are you?

Mad for it!

OK, so you fancy yourself as a bit of a performer or a pop-star in another life?

Here’s what you can do:

  • Watch the video
  • Learn the lyrics
  • Practice in front of the mirror
  • Choreograph a dance routine
  • Get together with some like-minded guests to do something as a group

We are looking for people to (willingly) come forward beforehand to be given specific lines to learn, and we will then forward everyone their own lyrics to perfect 🙂 If any of you do want to perform something special, please let us know or contact the MWV guys at info@musicweddingvideos.com so they can plan it into the shoot.

Happy to get involved on the day

Here’s what we recommend:

  • Watch the video
  • Try to learn at least one or two lines from the song
  • Grab the MWV guys on the day and let them know you want to get involved

A little bit camera-shy

We realise some people either don’t feel super comfortable in front of cameras, especially video cameras. Don’t worry – the MWV guys are very sensitive to this and won’t force you to get involved if you don’t feel comfortable. But if it’s not too painful, we do hope you can at least give us a smile or a wave so that we can remember you on our special video. And remember – if it’s your singing voice you’re worried about, they don’t actually use that in the final video – you’re just miming along to the real song. Here’s what we recommend:

  • Don’t worry too much about learning the lyrics
  • On the day, see if you’re in the right mood. If not, just let the MWV guys know if you’d prefer to just be an ‘extra’ without performing, or if you don’t want to be in the video at all.

We think this is a really fun way to record and re-live our big day for years to come and hope you’ll all get involved in some way.

Still not sure how this works?

Here are a couple of examples of a finished video from previous weddings once they have been edited and effects have been put on…

Hayley and Ian – That Vibe

Sam and Emma – Happy

Claire and Kev – Uptown Funk


  • Glamorous couple – Check
  • Beautiful Location – Check
  • Awesome dancing and singing – that’s where you come in

Let’s make this a wedding video to remember!


Rowan and Tommy

PS Remember, if anyone wants to do anything specific then please contact us or Kev at Music Wedding Videos at kev.bagnall@musicweddingvideos.com

PPS Here are those lyrics…

Baby girl, I said tonight is your lucky night
Peter Andre along wid Bubbla Ranks on de mic

I stop and stare at you
Walking on the shore
I try to concentrate
My mind wants to explore
The tropical scent of you
Pick’s me up above
And girl when I look at you
Oh I fall in love

No doubt you look so fine
Girl I wanna make you mine
I want to be with a woman just like you
No doubt I’m the only man
Who can love you like I can
So just let me be with the woman that I love

Baby girl… Shine like a looking glass

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Mysterious girl
I wanna get close to you
Oh, oh, oh, oh ,oh, oh
Mysterious girl
Move your body close to mine

Girl you are me heart’s desire
And you alone a set me soul on fire
Me tell dem
Girl you are me heart’s desire
And you alone… watch dis

Watching the sun go down
The tide is drifting in
We can get closer now
And feel the warmth within
Cos I’m looking in your eyes
Feeling so alive
And girl when you touch me
It’s time to take it through the night

Girl I wanna be with you
I wanna spend the night with you
I need to be with the woman that I love
Girl I wanna do to you
All the things you want me to
I need to be with the woman that I love

Baby girl… let your loving release

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Mysterious girl
I wanna get close to you
(So close to you my baby)
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Mysterious girl
Move your body close to mine

Well I’ve been sitting by the phone hoping you’d call
When time me hear your voice I feel ten feet tall
Body weh you have a make de man dem a bawl
Man a trip over man when time your name call
Your pretty looks surround me like a flowers a bloom
And I love the smell of your Elizabeth Taylor perfume
Your personality alone light up de room
Just one kiss alone a make me heart go boom

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Mysterious girl
I wanna get close to you
(C’mon now, c’mon now)
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Mysterious girl
Move your body close to mine