Tammy and Scott – We Found Lovin

Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 10.36.38


Just wanted to share the Music Wedding Video of one of the coolest couples I’ve had the fortune to not only meet, but get to shoot on their special day.

Tammy and Scott were married at The Old Library in The Custard Factory, Birmingham (where my office is located), so to shoot in and around here with such a great bunch of people was truly a pleasure.

Here is their day to the soundtrack of ‘We Found Lovin’ by Fatback Band

To give you an idea too of how much Tammy and her girls are ‘camera shy’, here is their hen do video (I am still recovering) that was shown as part of the speeches as a surprise to Scott (The best man was devastated as he got up immediately after to do his speech). Enjoy!

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Raise Your Glass

Here is the video that Tammy played during her speech for Scott.

I don’t think he has ever seen his bride and her friends in this light 🙂

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Do You Love Me?

Do You Love Me?


Fiona and John were married at the picturesque East Lodge Hotel in Derbyshire.

Enjoy the Dirty Dancing classic ‘Do You Love Me’ as performed by the couple, their family and friends.

Do you love me from Music Wedding Videos on Vimeo.

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The Wedding Industry Awards 2015 comments and score list

The Wedding Industry Awards 2015 comments and score list

Unfortunately, The Wedding Industry Awards didn’t bring us success as were beaten finalists. I can see that the best ‘traditional’ company won and I guess that for an awards ceremony that is in it’s infancy, it would be a huge gamble to pick a ‘different’ type of wedding video company.
The evening was hosted by the amazing and gorgeous Mythe Barn which was picturesque in the wintery night.

There was no formal sit down meal, which was surprising for the price of entry and tickets, but vol-au ventes and a small glass of champagne were had on arrival.

We met up with some good friends there including Christian Fletcher and Bridal Hair Specialists and stood at the back to watch the awards. There were some great deserved winners of the night and a few surprising results, but overall, we wish them luck in the big event in London this month.

In all, it was a decent night which maybe could have been a bit more about the suppliers instead of maybe making a bit of money for the organisers. I suppose that this is the way of the world and TWIA have to treat it like a business like any other.

We were sad to not pick up an award but not too disappointed, as we didn’t didn’t think that the awards would greatly improve our prestige or sway our potential customers to using us. If I was to like to see one thing from the awards next time, it would be transparency of the final vote of which is a bit of a mystery.

On the plus side, we have had our comments and testimonials back from the awards (which were confidential during voting).


Thank you to the bride and grooms that voted for us and we wish you all a very Happy New Year!


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Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 16.16.28

Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 16.16.37

Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 16.16.46

Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 16.16.54

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New father of the bride surprise speech

New father of the bride surprise speech

With the craze of funny, heart warming speeches. We created a dad’s speech that was inspired by Gavin’s Father of the bride speech

Halit wanted to show Jeyda how much he meant to her with a photo montage, what happened next will have you in stitches.

Skip to 5 mins in to see the action.


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Music Wedding Videos’ Top 5 Wedding Venues

Music Wedding Videos' Top 5 Wedding Venues

Music Wedding Videos have shot at lots of venues over the last 3 years. We’ve even travelled to the USA and Portugal to capture those beautiful wedding memories for some happy couples.

Some venues we go to and have never returned, others we visit regularly. Here are five more local venues that we enjoy visiting regularly to shoot at our couples’ weddings…

Hogarth’s Hotel

hogarths hotel








Wroxhall Abbey










New Hall Hotel








Nuthurst Grange

nuthurst grange








Moxhull Hall

Moxhull Hall, Sutton Coldfield | Sutton and Birmingham Wedding Photojournalist Stuart James

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Caroline and Rak – Grease Megamix

Caroline and Rak MWV from Music Wedding Videos on Vimeo.

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Bad Weather Doesn’t Mean Bad Wedding Photographs

Bad Weather Doesn't Mean Bad Wedding Photographs

Your wedding is meant to be one of the most special days of your life. If not the most special. The photos taken that day are there to capture those amazing feelings and memories so that you can look back and think what a beautiful day.

It is understandable that the weather on their wedding day may make some weds-to-be a bit nervous. Especially in a country like Britain, where we see all of the extremes in weather to some extent.

download (3) bad-weather images (8) Bad-weather-accompanied-by-lightning-can-trigger-migraines 13764 images (9) rainy-season download (2)

 I would say these pictures do a good job of putting across just how annoying the weather can really be; it can be a burden to us all at times. You might think you would be extremely unlucky to have to face having your wedding photos being taken on a day like any of the ones above; yes, it could get a little chilly, you might get a little wet, you may even risk being picked up and flown away by a hurricane, but look how stunning some of the photos these clever photographers and brave newly weds have produced. They get a little more adventurous as you keep scrolling…

Mist and fog

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This was taken in a drought!

Image by Cassandra Sutton Photographer


26c50dc9240d69e3a0fb25bc58dfad7b electric-slide-wedding-lightning Adventurous-Wedding-Photos2

This adventurous couple didn’t even let a flood stop them, amazing!


This couple was featured on an american news channel for having a tornado in their wedding pictures!




I think the weather in these photos make them seem even more powerful and moving to look at. These couples have endured these crazy conditions to capture their love on a day they will never get back. My message to you here is to take the weather on your big day into your own hands and do whatever you want with it. Remember, you won’t ever be able to capture those memories again, so make the most of what you have got to work with! Thanks for reading guys 🙂


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Verity and Chris Would Do Anything For Love

Verity and Chris Would Do Anything For Love

Verity and Chris were married 27th September 2014 and would definitely do anything for love including battling against crashes to get to the venue and their first dance music malfunction.

Here they are performing a Meatloaf epic on their big day 🙂

I Would Do Anything For Love from Music Wedding Videos on Vimeo.

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Why Have Your Hen Night in Birmingham?

As a Brummie and a huge lover of Birmingham, I am going to do my utmost to not be too biased and opinionated towards my home city here. But it does just so happen that ‘the second city’ is renowned for its many attractions and buzzing atmosphere. I have to be honest, you can’t really go wrong with a hen night here. One thing I say about Brum to anyone that will listen is that it has something for everyone.

So why throw your hen-do in Birmingham? Well, there are a few factors worth taking into consideration…


You all know what I’m going to say. And if you haven’t heard of it, then you’ll at the very least have seen a picture of it somewhere…











Yep, you got it. The Bullring. And there is nothing quite like a huge shop with the girls in one of Britain’s most famous shopping centres. I must add, Birmingham has shops to suit each and every person’s weird and wonderful style. Not to mention budget. You certainly won’t have to worry about a lack of choice regarding shops in Brum. Shopping is a great activity to fill up daytime hours before your big night.

Places to see

We all know you can’t visit the second city and have no-where to go and see. Every big city has its points of interest. If you are all shopped-out, fear not. You’ll still find plenty to do. Have a gander at a few of these if you are looking for things to do during the day;

























And many, many more! You certainly will not be struggling to find things to do here. You will also have no trouble getting around with buses and trains running from early till late going in all directions.

The National Sea Life Centre is a fun and interesting day out for any age!


From Travel Lodges dotted around left, right and centre, to the luxurious Radisson Blu, you will not find it hard to find somewhere to stay in Brum that suits your requirements. If you’re only going to be spending a few hours in your bedroom while you sleep, or if you want to spend the day having a relaxing spa with the girls, you’ll have lots of choice as to where you can stay.

The Radisson Blu Hotel


Like I mentioned earlier, Birmingham has something for everyone. Especially when it comes to nightlife. Get your hen-gear on and head down to the famous Broad Street, which is FILLED with bars and clubs with all sorts of different atmospheres and music. Don’t forget the beautiful Brindley Place as well, where lots of lovely bars and restaurants sit alongside Birmingham’s 35 mile canal (that’s longer than Venice’s). Brindley place is personally my favorite spot in Brum to go for a drink. Although there is a bustling atmosphere, it is a prettier and more tranquil spot in comparison to clubbing areas like Broad Street. There is something oh-so-lovely about taking a stroll along the canal at night, when Brindley Place comes alive.

Birmingham honestly will not leave you feeling like there is nothing to do. You’ll be spoiled for choice no matter what kind of things you decide you want to do. In fact, you will probably want to come back ASAP! Make sure you take Birmingham into consideration for your hen-destination!!

Thanks for reading guys xoxoxo

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