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On January 13th 2012 Team MWV made the trip down to the capital to The Brewery to take part in their first Wedding Ideas Awards ceremony.

Being relative newcomers to the wedding industry compared to some of the heavy hitters and veterans taking part in the night it was a massive privilege to be involved.

Upon arrival we checked in to our hotel and quickly downed a calming beer; we had planned on a proper lunch but time being pressing a Mars bar and rushed noodle box had to suffice.

We then headed down to the Brewery.. Seemingly hard to locate.. ‘It’s there Kev by the giant Brewery Sign’ to meet the lovely staff we were to liaise with for the evening. Not so much into the lions den but the Giraffes, er, den? We met the famous ‘Giraffe Herd’ and ran through our remit for the evening. ‘Winners and Sponsors backstage’ Awesome stuff; and then back to the hotel to prepare. (No time for another beer..)

After a couple of showers, a long hair drying session (kev and seth) and a quick head buffing session (PJ) we arrived at the venue and set up for the evening with a calming beer (and complimentary cocktail)

The rest of the evening was filled with massively enjoyable banter with the all star cast at our dinner table (@rachelshoes, @wersha @mcjadeyp, Richard and Julian from Alfred Angelo) and after figuring out how to open the beautifully packaged mints it was back to work..

Many interviews and a few hilarious unintentional soundbites later (i won best breast!) it was time to have a few drinks and get to know our peers. All was calm and civilised until we met the Giraffe Vodka Luge; As they say the rest is history!

Needless to say we enjoyed celebratory drinks with a select few until the early hours and had a fantastic time chatting to all the wonderful nominees and wedding related companies that were kind enough to engage us in drunken chit chat (after the work was finished, obviously!)

So with a heavy heart and a sore head we said goodbye to London Town and back to Brum with nothing but wonderful memories.. and five hours of giraffe footage to flawlessly edit(Kev wishes!)


Some stills from our footage for your enjoyment, be sure to add us on twitter @musicweddingvid and Facebook


We’d like to say a big thanks to Rachel the Wedding Ideas Magazine Mastermind and all the wonderful staff- including the fine gentlemen who probably often get overlooked for thanks due to the gorgeous ladies!

Last word: We’re already working on our gracious loser faces/ecstatic winner faces for our many nominations at next years awards (It’ll be hard to notice as we’ll all be highly successful and botox headed by then!)
Thats the dream for us anyway, if not it’ll be a pleasure just to be invited..

For more info and pics, check out

Chris MWV.

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  1. There are some hardcore party stills there. Great work chaps. Looking forward to seeing the vid’
    Shelley – Kitty & Dulcie

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